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ISSUE #153

Buenos Aires
Classroom Ideas
Games & Songs
At the Computer
Special Section
ELT News


The Five Senses
Sensory Bottles
Trace the Shapes
The Elephant Counting Book
CVC Words
Dinosaur colouring pages
Panda Colouring Pages


- End-of-the –Year Resources:
- Wrap Up the End of the School Year with Fun Projects
- How to Celebrate Elementary School Graduation
- Last Day of School Activities
- End of the year Bulletin Board
- End of the year Resources
- End of the year classes
- 8 Fun Field Day Activities

Adjectives- a short list
Describe & write sentences
Colour & Describe
Comparative Adjectives # 1
Older Kids Adjectives to describe
Older Kids story Writing
Look at me I´m healthy-ColoringBook for KIDS pdf
Activities on pdf Look at me...


Composition for teens
Texting Doesn’t Dull Grammar
Exam Zone Review
Nobel Prize

5 Activities for reluctant readers
Adjectives Faces
Adjectives applied to….
Text & Drive - Debate
Building Phrasal Verbs – Several Quizzes
Debating in Class
Teaching Controversial Skills
Difference between a geek and a nerd
Adjectives – Order and Irregular Comparisons
How to make a Presentation
Internet Sa
Technology & the Law
What Online Teens Consider 'Research'


Visuals for Food
Mini Poster of Food Pyramid pdf
A close look at the pyramid for kids & ADULTS
5 A Day- How many did you eat pdf
5 A Day Matching Quiz
5-A Day Quiz answers
Phrasal Verbs about money
How to write an effective ad

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