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Help your students say NO. As our adolescent students get older, the chances that they´ll be exposed to alcohol increase. That´s when adults need to have some answers ready. Find here some relevant info for you and some activities for your students, check them and see if any suit your classes. You´ll be practising language and dealing with the issue.

A number of useful links have been compiled for you to select what best meets your specific class needs

For Teachers:

1.- Why is alcohol so bad?

2.- Say NO to Alcohol

3- Help them say NO

4.- For parents (and teachers)

For Students

5. Project Work

6. Don´t get scrambled

7. You are what you drink

8. Top 10 Ways Out

9. Write your own ideas in the empty bubbles

10. Find your way out of the maze

11. What´s your reason for saying no to alcohol

13. Question Quest

14. Unscramble & Learn

15. Word Search

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