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Let’s celebrate literature! Let’s (re)discover literature through films and TV series!
Yael Hasbani 

Films and TV series offer teachers a vast and fertile ground to plant the seeds for the love of literature to grow. Even though they have traditionally been regarded as lesser forms of art, the development and sophistication of cinematic techniques and animation, together with the outburst of streaming television, invite us to (re)consider their potentiality for the literature classes, and to regard them as “representational texts” (McRae, 1994). Indeed, students are thoroughly familiar with the language of films and TV series... Why don’t we teachers use this knowledge and interest to introduce students to the magnificent works of Shakespeare and (re)consider his relevance nowadays, for instance? Why not questioning traditional fairy tales or (re)visiting the classics through TV series?  With these ideas in mind, this presentation aims at providing insightful ideas on how to incorporate and enrich your lessons with these texts, making the experience of literature truly meaningful.



Participatory Culture and Technology Integration in the Literature Class
Prof. Lic. Mariana Ferrarelli

How can teachers address their students; interests from within the classroom? What are the features of participatory culture and why is it relevant for effective teaching? Can digital technology be integrated in a sustainable and consistent way so that students become genuine protagonists of their own learning decisions? Addressing our students' skills and interests has always played a key role in the design of successful classes. Including what young people know and allowing for freedom so that they can do what they do outside school (but in school activities!) paves the way to engaging classes and meaningful learning. The purpose of this seminar is to trace the pedagogical implications of integrating digital technologies in the language and literature classroom. The tutor will invite attendees to explore some memorable teaching and learning experiences in which students actively participate in the design and development of transmedia projects.

Bring Poetry into Language Teaching
Claudia Ferradas

Poetry engages learners’ emotions, encourages language awareness and provides opportunities for memorisation of new language. It is also a fun way of practising pronunciation and intonation patterns. So why do we just leave it out as “difficult” once we leave behind nursery rhymes? Let’s explore the potential of poems within and outside the canon, poems which leave the page to go on stage or on screen (such as song lyrics and performance poetry) to enrich language development and intercultural awareness in the ELT class.

Literature with a capital P:
Using Picturebooks with learners of all ages

Claudia Rey

In "Literacy in the Arts", Peggy Albers argues that, "if we want children to represent meaning visually, musically, and/or dramatically, along with their written texts-in other words, to create a semiotic system-we have a responsibility to teach them how to create meaning in many sign systems." But semiotic systems are not only created by children, and picturebooks are effective for learners of all ages. In this experiential workshop we will analyze the difference between picturebooks and illustrated books and tap into the potential of using picturebooks with children, teen-agers and adults at various linguistic levels.


The Theatre group
will delight the audience
with an adaptation
of Romeo and Juliet

Multidimensional Character Analysis through a Graphic Organizer
Raquel Forteza

Raquel will show participants a special way of analysing characters in novels and short stories to produce comprehensive descriptions and interpretations, a technique that helps the reader to deconstruct crucial aspects of a main character related to personality, behavior and relationship with other characters. The multidimensional character analysis will be a most profitable classroom activity from the linguistic, literary and intellectual points of view, engaging thinking skills as remembering, understanding and applying

Pat Gómez

She will guide the audience into a delightful closing of the event with the participation of all the teachers present

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