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Next event in APRIL 28, 2018


PPD XII April 28, 2018 - Cuba 1930. CABA

Join us at our PPD XII April 28, 2018 and explore a gold mine of ideas to bring out and take to your classes. The NEW challenge is to empower students; for this purpose an empowered teacher is needed.

Teacher empowerment affects pedagogical quality and student academic performance indirectly through school organization.

Expand your students´ potentials and your own with some of the greatest local ELT teacher trainers. They will offer their academic vision and those proven tips that guarantee classroom success in terms of empowerment. They will offer innovative ideas to fit this NEW teaching challenge.

Teacher Empowerment Affects the Classroom and teachers should foster learner empowerment and develop an appreciation of the advantage of working together, they must develop the knowledge and skills necessary to create classrooms where students who become empowered as learners improve their academic performance.

The presenters at PPD XII have been asked to generate their presentations with these ideas in mind.

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